Why I offer more to it than just graphics

(for streamers)

One of the reasons is that I noticed there's little to no communication between a designer and a streamer most of the time. I believe that the streamers should be involved a lot more into the process, while designers need to listen a lot more to the needs and wants of a streamer.

On the other hand, many streamers need more help with their brand. Graphics are not enough to solve all your needs. Getting recognized in the community it's a goal that needs a lot more than designing your brand, it needs constant work along with marketing yourself; things that a designer should already be familiar with, making it easier to help streamers too!

What I thought the best solution was to introduce a new service along with the graphic design ones; one called brand strategy. You can say it is a fancy name for something that will help your brand in the long run, without having to come back for more until your goals are met. This way, you get to save more money in the end because your graphics won't need to be changed as often as they were before!

I want to bring change, I want to help both designers and streamers communicate in a better way that could help both of them. For now, I focus on streamers, later my attention will go to the designers.

I am a graphic designer, a brand consultant and a gamer. My job is to help streamers communicate with their audience through their brand while differentiating themselves in the streaming community and hitting their desired goals!

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me!

Why work with me?

I try to help you as much as I can to build the brand you want that’s going to last and make a difference!

In the beginning of our conversation I ask what you need the most help with and what your goals are. I try to make my process as good as it can be for you!

Depending on your needs and wants, I do some research to understand the way you interact with your viewers. I study your style to get a sense of your brand and I do some research to find out where you place in the community. But more importantly, I ask you questions about your vision, goals, challenges and I wrap it all up in a delightful user experience and a well-polished brand.

In the end, you get to save more money and time because you won't need to change your graphics as often as before. My process is simple and powerful!

Questions? See how this works.

About Me

My name is Andreea and my nickname is ‘uauizaui’. I am a graphic designer that specializes in branding and dives into illustrations too. As a side hobby, I play video games and from time to time I take photos when I am on vacation.

Short life story

Back in 2011, I created my first YouTube Channel based around gaming, as it always has been a big passion of mine. Along with it, my graphic design path began since I needed graphics for my channel. I was doing graphic design before knowing it.

As time passed, in 2015 I finished High School in visual arts and chose to move to another city, Timișoara, to study graphic design at university.

Nowadays, my studies are over for now and I spend days working on projects.

What I am doing besides graphic design

Gaming has always been a huge inspiration for me. I was recording and editing videos for my first YouTube Channel, but after two years I wanted a fresh start.

So, in 2013, I created my second channel. This is where I spend a lot of time playing around and learning new stuff while having fun.

For now, I had to put on hold creating gaming videos to focus on my GD career.
I also have a second Instagram page where I post different photos of the places I visited. Apparently, I like taking photos too D:

But how can I pronounce 'uwaa uzai hh*)%' ??

‘uauizaui’ has a lot of meaning to me. I remember I created it when I was little and I was watching the cartoon called ‘Bad Dog’. In english it is pronounced ‘wowiezowie’.

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