How it works

There are many advantages to choose my process, take a look below!

I work with you!

How you will notice, I work together with you on your brand, not separately. I don't know the answers to the questions regarding your brand, YOU have the answers!

My process is simple & fast!

My process may look complicated, but it isn't. I build it in such a way, so the clients can take care of the things they have to do, while I work on their brand. I only need information from time to time and there's no need for the old coming back-and-forth revisions, in the end, saving even more time and money!

It's tailored to your needs!

I really want to help my clients build a well-polished brand that's going to last and make a difference. That's why I'm going to ask you what you need most help with in the beginning! I always try to make it the best experience and process possible for my clients, I listen to your needs!

Only necessary for bigger projects!

The brand strategy is only necessary for Branding and Stream Design projects. But when it comes to some smaller projects like illustration projects or emoticons/sub badges for example, the whole brand strategy pack won't be necessary. I will just ask you some questions relevant to your needs.


First conversation

We begin talking about the details of your project and what your needs, goals and challenges are.
After we set the budget, I send you a proposal that’s going to need your approval on the project before we start, for this, I also require a 50% upfront payment and a contract to be signed.


Brand Strategy

This is the most important part.
When the project starts, we have a discussion ASAP about your brand. We want to understand more about it, about the audience and the message it represents. We want to make sure there’s an alignment between your brand’s vision, actions, expression and audience experience.


Research & Strategy Presentation

After we take an in-depth look at your brand, I start my research phase to learn and study your brand a bit more. I look over things like your competitors, your desired target audience, your strengths and challenges.
This is also the time when I also look over our previous discussion and I pull it all together in a well-thought-out strategy that will be presented to you at the end of the research phase.


Design Stage

When the strategy has been set in stone, I start working on how your brand will look. Because I want this part to represent you and your brand as well as possible, I broke this stage into a few more segments in such a way that you’ll be able to give me feedback on every important step of the design process.
I want to make sure that the design encapsulates your vision of the brand in the highest way possible.


Final Presentation

When we get to the final concept that you feel most confident in, I take a look again over the design and I test it out a little bit to make sure everything is good. Then I prepare the final presentation where you will get a sense of how everything will look like.


Sending Deliverables

Once you approve the project and the final work, a final payment has to be made ASAP.
When the invoice has been paid fully, I prepare all the files and the guidelines (brand guidelines and usage guide), and I send them to you ASAP.

Please note: For the moment we only talk over email. In the future, it will be available through video calls too.


What are the prices?

Because every project is different and the needs of the clients differ, the cost is very much based on the value of the project to you.
If you want to find out how much your project will cost, we have to talk a little bit about your project. Send me an email on the contact page to find out more!

What is brand strategy?

Brand Strategy is more if a discussion between the designer and the client when some questions are asked by the designer and both work on finding more about the brand and discovering the things that are missing from it. After that, the designer starts the research phase of the project to find out more about the brand and solve some of its problems. In the end everything is presented to the client and immediately after that the design stage based on the research starts.

What are your services?

Take a look on home page here! Please note that I am not limited to those.

Is the 'brand strategy' necessary for every project?

No. The brand strategy is only necessary for Branding and Stream Design projects. But when it comes to some smaller projects like illustration projects or emoticons/sub badges for example, the whole brand strategy pack won’t be necessary. I will just ask you some questions relevant to your needs.

For returning customers that I worked on Branding or Stream Design projects it may also not be the case. This depends a lot on the very first brand strategy we do. If we really work on that, then a brand strategy session won’t be necessary until your goals are met and you have new ones.

Is the 'brand strategy' necessary? I only want a logo.

Just the logo without the brand strategy and a well-polished brand identity can’t support your goals in the long run alone. If you have goals for your brand and want to reach a certain kind of audience and also to differentiate yourself, you need a ‘brand strategy’ service! Otherwise, there’s going to be an imbalance between all the things that make a brand: vision, actions, expression and experience.

Graphic elements without context are like a motorcycle without the wheels. You can look at it, admire it, but you can’t ride it.

How can I contact you?

You can do that in two simple steps:

1. Send me an email by filling in the blanks on my website contact page
2. Wait for an email back from me. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Who are you?

My name is Andreea and my nickname is ‘uauizaui’. I am a graphic designer that specializes in branding and dives into illustrations too. As a side hobby, I play video games and from time to time I take photos when I am on vacation. Find more about me here.

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