The Complete Halloween Stream Pack

The ‘Halloween Stream Pack’ has been designed for the streamers that play horror and survival games and are in need of a new design to help them stand out in the community and attract a certain kind of audience with the same interests as theirs.

If these challenges apply to you too:

Then this pack may help you out!

The streamer can grow his/her audience faster than ever, keeping the viewers engaged and making sure they won’t forget this unique stream design or the streamer once the channel is offline.

The goals is simple!

Helping the streamer grow and reach a point where he/she has created enough brand awareness (stands-out) in the streaming community that plays horror/survival games.

A new logo!

(can be changed entirely or only the text on it)

The logo comes in both animated and static versions and you can use in numerous ways, print it or use it on other digital stuff, or even use it as an intro or to introduce yourself over social media / on stream on top of the animated screens.


Do you want it?

Send me an email!


How does it work?

  • Fill in the blanks below so I can contact you
  • Wait for an email back from me that will be sent to you in a timely manner
  • We discuss what changes you want to the logo (if you want only the text changed or the entire logo) and what social links you want to put
  • You will need to sign a short contract that states the rights I provide to you for the 'Halloween Stream Pack'. You then pay 50% upfront of the total amount on the invoice.
  • Depending on the changes you ask for, I will get back to you with the new Halloween pack as soon as possible (we will discuss this more when you contact me)
  • After you review everything. I will send you the invoice that you will have to pay the last 50% of the total amount
  • An email will be sent to you immediately after with your files!

Can I get more info about it or ask about the price?

You sure can!
Check out the details I took into consideration when I made it or you can just send me an email for more info at contact!

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